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Here are links to the sites of some of my favorite people, in alphabetical order.  You should take a few minutes and visit each of them! 

Kathy Ireland
If you think "former model" when you hear Kathy's name, you are missing so much of this dynamic woman. Take a few minutes now and visit her site and find out more about this caring and loving wife, mom and person.

I can't think of a harder working Realtor than Kim. On top of her professional commitment, she's deeply involved in charity work.
She's sagacious, too!

Leslea Clark
I am blown away by this young lady's dancing!  I love to watch her dance!  It's easy to see that Leslea is dedicated to her craft and that she loves what she does.  She's an extremely talented friend and, more importantly, a nice person!

Sarah Stanley
Want inspiration?  Well, here's the young lady to help you get it!  She's fit, smart and cares about people.  Why are you still here?  Visit her page now!


More Johnnybluenote favs coming soon!